Friday, June 4, 2010

"Even if you're a born loser you're still called to be holy." --Mother Angelica

**The Becca Barclay Story of the Day**
(these are increasingly beginning to happen quite often)
Conversation from last week:
Hayley (bff of Becca): will you be able to come visit me in the
hospital after I have my baby girl?!
Becca: yes! I'm off all day on Friday, and I think I'll be able to
switch shifts around it, and should be able to make it. :)
Hayley: Oh good. I have to stay in the hospital 48 hours after delivery.
Or something to that effect.
I was leisurely looking through the Mall with my youngest sister
for a dress for this wedding in August. And as we are strolling through Gap, I get a text
message from Hayley's mom Joan: "FWD: Jami had her baby! last night 11pm! A baby boy: 9lbs 5 oz. Gabriel!" And so I text her back and let her know of my appreciation for informing me.
I had just met Jami, the day before. Once. Keep that in mind: I only met Jami once.
And awhile later I receive another text from Hayley's mom Joan: "Tell everyone! 2 hours in labor!" And, naturally, my train of thought commenses: This can't be about Jami. I just met Jami--who would I tell? ... I thought Dan was going to text me if Hayley went into labor. But I really don't know how it would really go down--being their first baby and all ... maybe Joan is JUST on her way to Fargo now and Hayley and Dan are there. That must be it. And now, Hayley and Dan have said to "Tell everyone!" so that everyone can pray--no false alarms, real active labor. ... Oh my gosh--my best friend is in labor?!? With her first baby!!! ... I text Joan back: "How is she?!" Response: "Gd." Yep. Must be Hayley--short response, Joan's frantic too.
And I frantically and rather scatter-brain-ed-ly walk around the Mall trying to figure out what I'm doing--okay, I wonder how long this is going to take?! hm. I have to go to Fargo tonight, she should be done by then. Oh heavens, I hope so for her sake. Hm. Same birthday as her sister Laura--that's cool. And so continues my lovely thought process, which I am coming to find more and more amusing. Mom, Hayley's in labor for 2 hours! And then I think to text all my girlfriends from AMU, who also know Hayley. And from then on out--random texts "oh i'm praying!" "oh my gosh!!!" "I cant believe it!!" etc. And every text I get, I'm waiting for the text from Dan, the proud father of the newly named baby _____. And I'm trying to guess baby names--and dying to know the name they've chosen. .. hm..
So goes my day. We finally, after what seems like forever, leave the mall. And we start to quicken. Okay, I have to get flowers. Hm. I need to fill my car with gas before I go as well... okay..Hm. I'll go right when I get back from town. Shucks, I knew I should have brought my own car just in case...Hm. And so it goes, my day, continuing as it does. Then I call Sam, as I walk around Target, freaking out, "SAM, my BEST FRIEND from 9TH GRADE is having a BABY!? I can't even really focus right now. MAN." And thoughts of labor, delivery, childbirth go through my mind, and the image of my best friend in 10th grade. ... So it goes, so it goes.
Finally I pick out a little present for them. And I'm just dying to get back so I can go to Fargo. I call my sister and make sure I can stay overnight with back to work tomorrow... okay, everything is working out.
And, I look up, and I see a blond haired man, wearing a red shirt and khaki pants who looks strikingly similar to Dan Kaffar, father of the baby and husband of my bff who is in labor right now, has been for 2hours+ now... I follow him across the way, staring at him, and finally call out, "DAN KAFFAR?!" Dan looks over, "Hey, Becca! How are you?!" And I question him, unremittingly, "DAN!? What are you doing?! How's Hayley!?" and continue to explain the whole story to him.
After hearing the story, Dan then led me over to Checkout 18 and proceeded to check me out. I stare in amazement at him, unable to believe that I, for 2 hours, believed Hayley had been in labor and was on my way, literally, to drive 110 miles to see them.
The rest of my afternoon I spent explaining why Hayley was NOT in labor and receiving texts from Dan that said, "Becca! I'm still laughing! That made my day!"
So, I went home and I wrapped their gift and I do feel a bit more prepared after this false alarm.
I have yet to speak with Joan ... I'm sure she'll get a kick out of it.
But, as Mother Angelica says, "Even if you're a loser, you are still called to be holy." Hahah. I know I'm not a loser...but I'm sure we could substitute "crazy" in there too.


  1. First of all you are not a loser but I might agree with crazy.

    Funny story!!!!

  2. Hayley (Becca's BFF since 9th grade!!!!)June 8, 2010 at 12:31 PM

    Oh my GOSH, Becca! I finally just read this...I didn't realize it was THAT, you gave me the mild version of the story in person. I'm really glad you wrote all the details though. MAN. That's unbelievable. I'm so sorry you had to go through all of that! Moral of the story: Don't interpret texts dealing with important matters! :P Haha. What a great story. I'm excited to tell LBK when she gets older.