Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'm back...

I'm back after a bit of summer absence...sometimes you just have to be out in the sun, traveling across the country and dreaming dreams. I'm back in North Dakota and already Fall is in the air--I can feel it--for the first time in 4 years I am not moving 2000 miles across the nation to a place where seasons do not exist.
I've finally been to the West Coast and yes, I saw that sign, at we walked and drove in circles (right, Rose! ;).
I am almost all settled into my new apartment...
I think I've found a book club here...
And I'm also working a grown up job!
Among the resdiscovery of A Severe Mercy ( Aunt Barb--you definately have to read) to the discovery of TS Eliot to the discovery of pilates, here is just one of my summer discoveries and more are to come!


  1. Becca, you make me smile! Miss you and keep me updated on your life, OK? Yeah, and isn't Fall just the greatest????????? My mom made the BEST gingersnap cookies today and the whole kitchen was bursting with the delicious smell of FALL, my favorite season!

  2. So nice to be reading your blog. I've been keeping up with your activies from you Grandmother and Mom.

    Send pictures of your apartment.

    I'm checking out the book your recommend as soon as I finish writing this.