Sunday, September 19, 2010


This weekend has me pining for England...some dear girls from the University are off studying abroad this semester and definitely living the life of adventure...they've been posting tons of pictures and I can hardly wait to go to England myself. Their blog's are here and check them out! The new goal is Oxford in 2012. All those feeling the need to support a young girl's dream...feel free to help keep the dream alive. :)

I finished GK Chesterton's Orthodoxy finally and thorougly enjoyed it. It's won it's place on my list of repeats, and hopefully I'll be reading through it again.
If you're looking for more recommendations, do check out Lewis' The Problem of Pain (or anything by him really). For me, it's thrown a new hue on Christianity...I'm finding that so much of life should be doing this: throwing new hues and tones on this thing we call Christianity, so that by the time we've lived our lives maybe we'll actually see Christianity--see Christ--in His full splendor, not as we want to see Him, but how He really is; how life really is; what reality really is.
I've also picked up Romeo and Juliet, and have been enjoying it while listening to this.


  1. I love your post! I'm so glad you've enjoyed reading our blogs and seeing our pictures!!! I sometimes wonder if anyone looks at them, but I'm so glad you do. I will definitely support you with my prayers for your dream in 2012.
    Just keep dreaming--anything can happen!!

  2. Dreams do come true. Keep dreaming and saving and you'll be in Oxford before you know it.

  3. Becca, I love hearing all about your adventures after college! I love, love, love the pictures of your studio apartment. Keep posting pictures and the exciting stories about your life. Oh, so nice to see that you enjoyed our pictures. You would love London and if you were to go, we would be sure to find you in some quaint little tea house along the river reading and writing away!