Monday, May 24, 2010

Another day in the life of Rebecca Barclay...

Question of the day: How are naturally awkward people who get nervous supposed to get hired?!

This is meeee. haha. For the longest time I told myself that I would be arriving in Minneapolis/St. Paul area, job etched in stone and apartment with good roommate at hand, in August. It is now May 24th and I have only struggled to keep calm and carry on as I frantically try to figure out this thing called growing up. All this worrying began when I started actually applying for positions and realized "wow, they could not want me." And they have right now to want me. I don't know the number of schools I've applied to in Minneapolis/St. Paul--but all of a sudden I have a firm grasp on the lack of leeway I have as far as picking and choosing right now, and have expanded my desired circumference of interest.

That being said: today I left the maternity home for Grand Forks. Looking great in my new green sweater, I was determined to take all the professional advice my dear political science major friend had given me about public speaking, presentation, etc. and sell myself. There is a Director of Religious Education position open at a parish in Grand Forks, and I have decided to apply. I walked into the parish office, requested the appropriate person, and when informed that he was out of the office asked for his hours for the rest of the week--I was determined to make contact with him in person and leave an impression. This is where it all came tumbling down: she then informed me he was out of the office on Monday to which my response was "today's Monday?" *MORTIFICATION*

Her wide eyed expression and quickly covered look of confusion said it all: you look like you are 16 and you MUST have just gotten out of bed, I can't imagine what business you have to speak with that man about. Haha. I think I'm going crazy at a young age. After informing the secretary that I had nothing to drop with her, I left in a state of confusion and mortification at how I could miss that small detail of the day. *AH*.

Anyway. UGH. I'm sure she's forgotten by now, and I blame how Ave ages you 10 years more than other schools, and the craziness of working at a Maternity Home, which has aged me 15 years--so all in all, I'm really the soul of a 40-something year old woman, with x amount of kids who is always a bit frazzled. I also blame my love for the Classics and my tendency to forget practical things, like the day of the week, because I'm lost in some other era.

WELL, that being set aside. I did call later in the day, not the secretary, the contact, and have scheduled an interview for tomorrow at 2pm. And all inside of me is freaking out "is it at 2pm?! Did I hear him right?!?!"...There's only one way to know: go tomorrow at 2pm. ... This whole growing up thing is quite stressful.

On the upside--I am drinking a nice glass of wine right now, and am halfway through a Eudora Welty novel, and I DO have an interview tomorrow. I spent the rest of the afternoon in a coffee shop, and wandered around cutesy shops and spent more money than I should have. C'est la vie! It's still raining and storming now and I'm hoping to finish this novel tonight. I still haven't gotten my I.S.B.N. book for May: Mariette in Ecstasy by Ron Hansen.

I guess that's all for today...despite minor mishaps of a work-world minor, it was a great day.

P.S. This is my awesome green sweater from New York and Company. It was on sale for $20. It looks a lot better on me.


  1. I'm sure the sweater does look nicer on you!!!!

    How did the interview go????

  2. I just jumped over here from Fun with Fiber. Hope your interview went well yesterday as it is now Wednesday.
    Small bit of advice; stay out of the cute small shops until you have a good paying JOB.

  3. Becca, I'm so glad you splurged on the sweater like I did. I have the same one in yellow, and every time I wear it, whether I wear it with jeans or a pencil skirt, I feel confident and bold. I'm surprised at how many comments I get on it.

    Rose is visiting me this week and we have been walking through the sidewalks of hippie-ish/college towns here in beautiful Colorado. The staple of our time together: bookstores and coffee-shops. We can't seem to escape them. The reason I mention this is because, up until this point, I had been looking to buy the books for I.S.B.N. but never got around to it. The first bookstore we happened upon was a unique, independently-owned used book store in which I found Mariette in Ecstasy! How perfect. The next bookstore we found, that same day, is where I found Jayber Crow--the next book on the I.S.B.N. reading list. You can only imagine my excitement! It ended up being the perfect day (apart from the fact that I lost Rose for three hours).

    Anyway, I just had to comment on the sweater. I'm absolutely positive that color green looks fabulous on you and the sweater itself, without a doubt, looks better on you than the model. ;)

  4. Hayley Joy KaffarMay 31, 2010 at 1:04 PM

    After I'm not 9 months pregnant, can I borrow it? ;)