Thursday, May 27, 2010

When I get old...

Man's Life
"You ask, What is the life of man on earth?
Take two opposing things as your response:
The body, see, is just a moment fused
With the eternal; but the soul, an age
Unifinished, or instead: man's life is but
A moment fixed in time on which depend
Ages' eternities; a narrow path
From womb to grave, from soul and body's link
Till both do part; at each step, should man fall,
'Tis life or death eternal which awaits.
Rare is the man who runs the measured span,
Wherefor all things must ever be on guard.
Who wants to live with God, not burn in hell,
Should think of every single hour his span."
Waclaw Potocki (1621-96)

What I was going to that when I get old, I am definately taking the liberty of wearing hot red lipstick that so many old women find necessary for the daily ins and outs of living.

I looked over at Irene, busy with the address labels, and examined her outfit. A shiny red sweater, sequins or beads of some sort. A small brooch, also shiny, was pinned on to her sweater. And decorating the thin and worn lips beneath this woman's aged skin and antique glasses was bright red lipstick. The kind where you can see where she didn't reach full lip-coverage. I laughed to myself as I thought of Irene Durray--perhaps the nosiest person in the world, but I am unable to call her to mind without the slight sinking of my heart for her poor and lonesome heart! Little old ladies sure are sweet on their own, even the crabby ones. I'm definately going to wear bright lipstick of some sort.

We finished the mailing here at the Maternity Home and, like always, the newsletters have been taken to the Post Office, to travel far and wide--reaching the far corners of choice persons across the United States. The work of the maternity home here truly is a gift of God and an amazing witness to the love of life that drives many people despite various, and often majority, reports in the media. On the pro-life note, check out this website: LifeSite News. And those North Dakotans of you, sign the petition.

Having completed the mailing which was the main project for today, we traveled to the Meditteranean as we immersed ourselves in a true Mezza meal. We (meaning my co-worker) made 5 homemade Mezza dishes upon which we feasted with much delight. Home made hummus and flat bread. Falafels (my favorite for the night). A juicy cucumber salad and one other dish I can't quite recall. It was all fabulous. And for dessert we had mangos, cherries and french vanilla yogurt. It was time consuming and refreshing to sit down and eat a meal over such an amount of time..something wholesome about it.

For those curious: my unofficial* interview this week went very well! The interviewing board was put together Tuesday night (after I met with the pastor of the parish), and he said he would get back to me the first or second week of June. I'm very excited about it and I do hope it all works out. The pastor was super welcoming and impressed with the speed of my application--I had heard about the job before it was advertised, and the day I went in to meet with him was the day it was posted. He said he chose the deadline for June 21st, but that he might now move it up to June 14th. :-) Sounds hopeful. Great experience. We will see.

I finished a novella by Eudora Welty, The Robber Bridegroom, and was not too impressed. The character development was in want, but there were a few choice phrases and sentences, a couple great descriptions, which are now tucked away somewhere inside me; for these it was worth it. I won't even bother with summary...On ther other hand, I'm also 100 pages into Herman Wouk's City Boy: The Adventures of Herbie Bookbinder. This, on the other hand, is quite fun to read and written from the perspective of an 11 year old boy, thus having many funny insights into the mind of such an age. It's delightful :).

Sorry for all the hyperlinks this post, but here's another one: The Pornography Plague. I found it off of some facebook link that was posted. It's interesting and I would like to study more on the ethos of the body and why nudity is permitted in some works of art and that other "works of art'"of nudity simply are not. ...
"What do you see, what do you feel?
Do you discover clearly waht the artist
has tried to say? Does your heart respond to its beauty?
Does the great theme which it concerns
itself with shine down on you from the canvaswith a
new significance, transfigured by the insight, the skill,
the emotional coloring this creative personality?"


  1. Glad you intereview went well!!! Maybe we'll be home in time for some very good news.

    I guess I better pack my "hot red" lipstick.

    Much love,

  2. Becca!
    We know the people who run Lifesite news!! Meaghen is going to work for them too before she goes to Cali. Small world :)