Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm Back!

WELL, after a very long stretch of 'looking for a muse'...I feel like I am now able to blog again! Maybe it's the encouragement of ONE follower! haha, thanks, Rose.

Like I said in my last post, I was searching for a muse and it's almost like it was yesterday when I think about it...I can still feel how it was last semester when I remember it: such a desire and longing for HOME and the weight of studies bearing me down. I finally made it home and now, thinking about it for the first time since then, I have already finished the rough draft of my senior thesis (a full 25 pages). All of a sudden, it seems like I can handle anything else this semester throws!--granted there is not even 2 months left! I feel the pressing need to figure out my next step, and find that I keep praying for passion--I need passion to be able to move anywhere and find what I want to do...We are raised into a culture that cultivates apathy at all corners: everyone is equal and too much passion makes one look like a fanatic. Well, bring it on. I was at a fancy dinner recently as the evening pursued (can I even use that word like that?) the older man sitting next to me, a retired Pediatrician, told me no matter what I do to have passion--people need passion, we need conviction, to live a good life and a fulfilling life. And we, as people, need examples of other people with passion to encourage us on our paths...

As of right now my path is a bit unclear as far as the details, but the general direction could not be clearer. As I make plans for my family to come down for graduation in May, and get the car ready for another 2000 mile road trip, I can't help feel myself being drawn back to the North and it's as if it's already present even while I'm here...I can feel it in me, I'm already there. I have a few ideas for books that I'd like to start researching for and I have a job set up for the summer. After the summer I'm going to move to the big cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul, and hopefully fall on the St. Paul side rather than "Murder-opolis" (something I was recently informed of). I'm looking into teaching licenses and teaching in one of the elementary Catholic schools there...The Catholic community there, especially for young adults, seems to be thriving and I am eargerly looking forward to transitioning into a city with more cultural opportunities and the busyness that seems to envelope the ripe age of the early 20s.

I also am longing for a true spring, opposed to the bastardized verson we get in southwest Florida. There is something about the pattern of life up there that's hard to do without after having had it...

Well I'm off to pick up a friend from the airport, so until next time..

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