Monday, November 16, 2009

Another day goes by...

Another day...Another weekend...Another week, Another month and I'll be home!

I can't wait to go home for Christmas break. And there will be snow, and family and my 11-year-old brother and just more home-ness. Regardless of where you're from, I think that there's just some unseen understanding of your presence where you grew up. ...Lutovsky's still live down the road, and know that I don't like playing baseball and that I'm going for Theology. The lady at the bank will ask how school is going, her husband was my student-teacher driver for Drivers Ed. Coach Barta will still go into the gas station, and the same little old ladies will be sitting at the same spots for daily Mass.

Wen I leave, I feel like part of me just stays at home. I get home and I just think, "*sigh*, yes, I forgot about you. That's just right--feels like me." ...

So what lies betbween me and this magical place, haha: 2 papers and a quiz tomorrow, first of all. After that, mm..I don't know...a few more papers, a few more quizes, a few tests, an oral exam...and one month. Oh how I can't wait.

The light's on at the end of the tunnel, I can see it now.

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