Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy Sunday...what's left of it anyway!

I absolutely love this picture. It makes me so happy. She must be marking the pages that have good quotes.

"A book is a nerds best friend." Okay...I made it up, and actually it should be, "BOOKS are a nerds best friend." My roommate clarified that I'm not a nerd, as in sci-fi nerd, but rather I am a nerd "for" something. I love And today, of all days, I think I found what I'm going to do with my life (for the next unknown amount of time). I've been a bit down lately, since the breakup and all (how dramatic, I know). Because of this, I've been trying to take care of myself...I've indulged in the goodness of Dove dark chocolate. I've bought wine (Robert Mondavi's Pinot Noir--loves it). I've gone to the pub. a few times...I've been spending my time drinking coffee, laying in my bed, to the utmost of relaxation--and indulging in the greatness that is oft contained between two covers. I have four books sitting on the dresser next to my bed...a couple more on my bed right now...and a few other randoms on my desk and in my book bag. ...It's funny how much they have become my 'best friends' (I know I'm lame...and dramatic). I decided today that only what is good is worth my time and my love (love meant both in the sense of what I like and in the sense of what I simply give my will over to, what I choose to give myself to). Ugh, it's so hard.

Back to the point...since I've been down, and pampering myself, I went to the coffee shop today to study. At 5:00 I was sad to find that it closes at such an hour on Sundays...on the way out I ran into a couple of friends who were simply moving to the outside tables to keep studying so I joined them. ...One thing led to another and I ended up going to dinner with one of them. While discussing our classes and what we want to do with our majors, she told me about a program that offers a Masters in Fine Arts, specifically designed for creative writing. It sounded too good to be true, and I quickly relayed my excited, while maintaing an amount of reservation within. I was certain that as soon as I researched it, a number of rather large speed bumps would be present that would discourage any effort whatsoever. This girl told me she would e-mail me the link, and I even thought "Oh, she won't even remember after this conversation."

Tonight I sat down to check my e-mail and was surprised to see an e-mail from her, along with the link to the University's webpage. After looking through all the tabs, all I could think was "this is it." You know how sometimes you don't even have to think beyond a moment, you just know. You have to make an effort and you simply have to do it. Well, this is one of those. Possibly the best part of it: it's a low-residency program. I can study and earn my masters from whatever location I desire, with the simple standard that I must attend two 10-day residencies a year. One in Seattle and one in New Mexico. Other than that, after 2 (or 3, if I decide on 2 genres instead of 1) years I would have it. Also, a bonus: the cost is only $30,000 for 3 years; which beats (x 100) the $25,000 a year I'm paying now.

Nothing else could line up more. It's funny how certain things fall into place while others fall out. My heart's at peace simply because I know Someone up there is looking out for me, and His plans are way better than mine, even when I don't understand.

Also--in my efforts to pamper myself--I went shopping online today. (LOVES IT). Here's pics of what I ordered : ) Happy Monday.

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