Friday, November 20, 2009

These, my friends, are the shoes that carried me to the dance last weekend. They were option #3, I found the absolute perfect shoes at Charlotte Rousse, and the second pair were at Marshalls, and finally due to lack of my size (because everyone my size must love them), I finally found these and happily sported them for most of the evening.

I've failed at blogging this week, due to...due to what? .. Hm, I'm not sure either. It was a busy week, I guess, from here on out the semester will only be easy. I had 2 papers due earlier this week and one later last week--I received the one from last week back and was disappointed...I knew I did bad, BUT, somehow...I had hopes...for...haha, I don't know what for. I knew it was a bad paper an dmy professor figured just as much...I was going to use him for a reference, but now I'm's funny how much feelings-in-the-moment drive our decisions...I'm now second-guessing the whole Masters program, which I found to be perfect. I don't know what to do...

"I don't know what to do with my life..." haha. For now I guess I'll just live. ...Hmm...what do I really want?...What do I really want to do? ... I want to be a wife and mother (No, I'm not going for my M-R-S degree...), I just think that's what I want. No one really wants that now it seems, all this talk about careers and moving up, doing for yourself, finding yourself, being yourself. I think people are just selfish and afraid. Selfish to give of themselves and afraid of failing...

Anyways...random thoughts for the day.

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