Monday, October 19, 2009

Addicted and Senioritis

Addicted ... to...Senioritis.

Song of the day: Addicted by Kelly Clarkson.

It's also the song of everyday for our room. Gracie and I have listened to this song everyday for the past 3 least.

I don't know what it is: Mondays...4 years of college...just me...I just can't kick this senioritis. Not only do I lack the desire to study, but I now also lack, after 3 years and counting of college experience, any care or motivation whatsoever to study. The voice arising amidst all the busyness and big decisions, big things and important stuff is "...but I don't care." And I think what we mean when we say that is, I really do care--but sometimes caring too much just isn't worth it. Sometimes caring too much just doesn't cut it. As Kelly Clarkson would say, "gotta keep moving on, moving on, fly away..breakaway."

We love her whole 2004 CD.

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