Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Greg House

After a later than desired evening, I decided to blog rather than study for my Greek quiz, write the paper due tomorrow or hunt down the professor who I need to speak with about another paper.

"College promotes the sedentary life," my bf said last night, haha. It was this thought that spurred a nice run last night, followed by "studying," *ahem,* which actually consisted of an Amber Bock, a couple friends, Greek flash cards anddddd the first episode of the new season of House.

For those of you who are avid House fans, I found that the sudden (and rather prolonged...?) glimpse into the humanity of House kept me intrigued just as much as his usual biting sarcasm and bluntness. There's something about House you just gotta's as if we all try to hide our narcissistic sides while he parades around, loving to analyze the reactions of people around him "for fun."

I decided to take Greek "for fun." I think it's fun to be taught and able to analyze languages--maybe it's the lack thereof we seem to get now a days in English. I also found out about a week ago that it's an intensive course, stuffing the load of two semesters into one. While the end sounds nice (after one year of Greek, I'll have the equivalency of two), my phrase for the last week has been "Greek is killing me." There's just more and more to memorize...and the more coming from the one side seems to confuse any left on the other side.

Wednesdays are good days for me--only one class from 8:30 to 9:30 and then my day is free. Temptations like the beach, sleep and frivilous obsessions most often get the best of me and tonight the agenda entails a nice trip to study at Barnes and Noble with a close girlfriend of mine. Coffee and books, what could be better?! I love perusing around, finding great finds, dreaming about having my own house with my own library filled with a ton of old-looking, worn books (most-likely unread...but cool looking nonetheless).

And then something usually brings me back to where I'm actually at, which then makes me question, in a rather frantic manner, how IN THE WORLD am I going to make it?! Money, what's that? How do I save it...what does that even mean?...It seems like these thoughts are always guided by the daunting and seemingly omnipresence object we call money, moolah, denaro...etc. Someone should write a book, "The Names of The Current Medium of Exchange" (*nerdy theology allusion*)...The best plan of action I have found thus far is to marry a man who's level headed and practical, but not practical enough to leave me to my fanciful dreaming alone.

And now, in the name of responsibility, I'm going to chase down this Romanticism professor--while he says that he thinks he has the most office hours of all the professors, the truth is, he has been known to run from students who came to visit him, change the location of his office for the day randomly, and just altogether skip and go to the Pub. I guess he is a Romanticism professor, literature professor's in general tend to be...eccentric. So best of luck to me, and good day to all of you.

Song of the Day: flashback to the 90s (great age of music, by the way, and 1998 to be exact)--One Week by Bare Naked Ladies.

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