Thursday, October 22, 2009

Matt and Kim

Today I would choose...detour. While chatting with my friend Sam at the coffeshop, the thought crossed my mind: Hey, why don't I just quit school after this semester?!...I could just not come back...One semester left, hey, why not? Being taught how to think (because I am at a liberal arts school), and not how to do, I then thought my way through the practicality of such a choice: how would it change anything? I guess it really wouldn't. I'd have a degree. But a degree in theology from a liberal arts school. I then proceeded to thought, "Would I be fine with that?"...mmm...that is the question. Okay, I'm not going to do it--but the idea of working for 4 and 1/2 months and saving money, rather than going to school for one last semester in which I'll have to take 3 core classes as well as write my thesis, sounded a bit better today.

Continuing on the theme of today: today, too, if I could choose anything--I'd choose to run away and just be Matt and Kim. I'd find a job that was "soul-less" (meaning, no real deeper meaning at the root), and I'd work for a living, and let the grandeur of my everyday ordinary life be enough for my soul. My job would simply be a part of my bigger life, and my life would never simply be my job. I want to live for a-living. Matt and Kim are a punk band that nobody knows about, and they hava a great song, Daylight.

My mid-terms for today went fine, not as well as could be expected I guess, but at least they're over. I have a paper to write for tomorrow, and I also found out that my take home midterm (which I GET tomorrow FOR over Fall Break) is to write TWO 4-page essays. errgggg...I am also dreading tomorrow. There's something about having time chunked out and alotted that just ruins my day: class from 9:45 to 11:45, work from 1-5 and then the girls are going out at 5:30. At least the girls night out will be fun, but I'm the type of solitary soul who just enjoys herself time...needs herself function well and fine, and as ought to. Oh well, life keeps going.

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