Thursday, October 29, 2009

Another Day...

My roommate wrote this the other day on her blog:

My roomate and I have been falling in love with a certain spider named Buddy who has taken up residence outside our second-story dorm room window. Day after day he weaves his web, day after day it is destroyed by the wind and rain. But he’s been there, toiling away for three months. Such a perseverant spider. Hard worker, despite everything that’s going against him. But he doesn’t seem to care, life doesn’t seem to intimidate him in the least. That may be because he’s a spider, but I like to think of him as Buddy, my role model. I would like to go through a day without despairing when I fail, without getting frustrated with life, without giving into the hopelessness and tiredness of the daily struggle. I would like to go through a day like Buddy.
Buddy’s spiderweb has never survived the day. But he has, and he’s rebuilt it every day. Maybe everyday he beings weaving, hoping that this will be the day the web survives. **

WELL, everyone in the blogging world, life goes on: and my emotions are what rule my life right now. I'm really trying to understand this, this being my emotional life of whimsy, BUT for now, I'll just press on. Life is bigger than my emotions and, usually my emotions are wrong anyways.

Go figure.

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