Friday, October 16, 2009

Weekend, I prefer the weekend...

To give you an idea of how my Friday began, I'll just say that I switched shirts 5 times. ...Rather than being filled with the eager anticipation that tastes like Friday night when I woke up, I found in its place a little dose of indecision and the absence of motivation..."Why, oh why, must Friday be so long?!"...Weekend, I do prefer the weekend.

After sitting through my 2+ hour Romanticism class, which I do love, by the way--and would love merely for the reason that it is at the coffee shop and not in a classroom, I ran into a dear friend of mine and was pleased to find that she did an exceedingly well job on her moot court the other day--perhaps the biggest project of her undergraduate career. This news lifted my spirits a bit, but sometimes everything just keeps going on around you and all you want to do is stop.

After a quick lunch, here I am, and now, with just minutes left to exert the freedom of my will, I will bring my will back under restraint and make my way off to an afternoon of work as an Administrative Assistant. Bleh. Each Friday I feel more and more what it really means to make an act of the will--haha, I have to batter it down and put it in a neck-hold, and then, finally, a small (and hopefully appearing to be genuine) smile comes, and slowly grows as I know that I couldn't explain it well enough to these older working men and women, what it quite means to take all the chances you can while you're still young and do not NEED the money because you will only WASTE it....ahh...torn...torn..i'm a senior in college...never again will I be here more'real' world....

I don't want to grow up.

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