Tuesday, October 13, 2009

First blog post! woo hoo!

"To create is to recognize the spirit in things;
to imitate is to submerge personality at the lowest level of the mass."

I created this blog a few days ago and each time I sit down to actually write the first blog post I end up cringing and reverting to facebook, hotmail, fox news or some other website...I have this horrible feeling each time I try to start something that first of all I have never done before, and second of all, I don't know if I'll even write a second post. You may be asking what my point is and I really don't know either. I've thought to myself many a times, "hm. I'd like to be a writer." But a sure and practical way of going about such a career has never been apparent to me and the very best writers are those who go off muse moreso than a 12-step program.
More recently my "I'd like to be a writer" thought has been followed by a "maybe I should start a blog" thought. I don't know if it's something ingrained into the very thought of a blog that silently says "And I won't tell anyone I know I'm starting a blog--I'll tell the whole world my thoughts, as long as they don't know it's me it's okay." And thus my blog began...

And now I'm asking all of you regular joe bloggers, what do you blog about? It seems that people write about what they think about and what consumes them...the question underlying my state of being right now happens to be, "What am I going to do with my life?" When you're younger (junior high/high school), it's like you can answer this question anyway you want--it has bears no consequences at such a nice young age. When you get older, you realize that whatever you answer is what you are accountable for--you either choose to do it or you don't. You don't really know how to do what you want to do or how to get where you want to be, and the fear of the unkown that seems to lie in all of us often gets the best. What do I really want to do and what should I do? What do I want to do and what can I do? The older you get the more what you can do seems to influence what you want to do. I think it's easy to just fall back on what you know is possible--what's safe, comfortable, no fears...and so you kinda lose yourself, you lose what you really want and what makes you happy.

Before even writing I was tempted to look at other blogs and then to imitate whatever I could find, hence the opening quote. To create is recognize the spirit in things. For me, writing helps me recognize and understand more--more about how this life works, about how we work, about myself. So, for the rest of this senior year of college, I'm going to try and blog. If anything, it will at least be a funny thing to look back on: reflections on my senior year--I'll look back and see how much I didn't know, and laugh at how stupid I am.

I guess now you can say whatever you want. Have fun. Peace.


  1. ah! I felt the same way --- what on earth do I blog about? I still ask myself that almost every day.

    love this.

    1. Thanks for your support, Grace!

      Only because I thought you'd appreciate this: In 2012 I was following your blog and keeping up with all your kiddos, and you commented on my measly blog. It is now July 9, 2015 and I just saw your comment. c'est la vie!

      Here's where I'm at now!