Saturday, October 31, 2009

I love Saturdays.

Sometimes this is how I feel. ...Sometimes can't you just see the imperfection that all exist within you--can't you just feel that inside of you there is a world far far away from anything anyone else can see?!...How deep we can go inside of ourselves, how far down our hearts reach--I don't think we even know. Everyday that passes, there is so much change and so much monotony. Its as if we are continually being bombarded on all sides with *new*new*new* and we're taught in the modern world today to be numb*numb*numb to things, not to really feel, but to just do what you do feel. We don't let ourselves go any's like at the bottom of ourselves--deep inside, far down, there is the treasure chest at the bottom of the ocean, and it's calm there...even though everything isn't perfect, it's calm there. But, we stay at the very top--where the wind moves the water, and that's what we are: we move with the wind. ...Today I can just see my imperfections, it's like being present in two worlds, the constant struggle and battle to remain present in what is real, and not to let my projections, insecurities, etc. dictate how I act.

that's all for meditation alskjdf...

Anyway--South West Florida, could you not just disappoint once and COOL the heck off. Hell will freeze over before you dip down into the low 60s. And I am going to die, one way or another--thermal combustion, melt down, ... dehydration, starvation (can't go out to get food), etc. Looks like it'll be a pretty nice weekend here...just gonna keep on mozying on through Saturday..hit up the college basketball game tonight...and just chill out tonight. I still have 6 and 1/2-7 pages to write for 4:30 on Monday. But (all of a sudden), frankly dear, I don't give a damn. And so what's done is done and what's not will be soon enough, no need to freak.

I think I'll just have a piece of chocolate and live.

The Vikings play tomorrow 4:15 Central Time. Against the Packers, again. Go Vikings!

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