Saturday, October 24, 2009

where the wild things are...

The girls night turned out to be a great night, and now I'm just minutes away from leaving campus for 3 days (wooHOO!).

Yesterday was a very long Friday, and I was happy to end it with a girls night out. All of us were rolling deep as we went to Sushi-Thai (there were 16 of us I think). Ew, I know, it sounds gross. Raised in the country of North Dakota, I wasn't much cultured in such concentrations as sushi or thai. I've been to the restaurant before, and very stubbornly resisted the temptation to get anything, but last night I finally gave it a try. Like I said, I am a meat and potatoes girl...and so this was rather momentous for me. I got the Katsu Roll--Fried chicken, asparagus, and scallion wrapped in rice that is held together by seaweed. Drooling yet? It wasn't as bad as I thought it was, but I didn't get to use the chop sticks--the fact that you're supposed to put the whole thing in your mouth at once and use two pointed sticks to do that got me, and I just used a good ol' American fork.

After dinner we made our way to the local Panera for coffee and then hit up the movie Where The Wild Things Are. I did not grow up reading that book, so I didn't really know what I was getting in to. It was a very bizarre movie--with a lot of psychological underpins...I'd like to watch it again and read into it a bit more. Regardless of its strangeness, it was entertaining and the birthday girl loved it.

And now I must go, I'm off to do absolutely nothing for 3 days and I can't be late for that.

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